Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today Is The Beginning Of Week 20 Of My PCL Surgery And Recovery

You feelin okay Mom?? Dagan is a ditz, I really wish you could play with me instead. Love Haley.

In rehab I threw the ball again. Standing on the foam balance pad is a lot harder than it sounds I mostly used both legs but I'm trying to stand just on my bad leg. I didn't hit my rehab buddy with the ball so I'm improving.
20 weeks starts today. Day 134. I've come a long way. Mondays rehab session pretty much did me in and Ive been limping. I've been using ice and really taking it easy the last two days. I'm glad to have my crutches on days like this.
Massage and light exercise today. I'll keep icing it and give it a break.

My doctor appointment is next week and I don't want to go limping in there. I better back it off a little bit. I'll do cartwheels later. Like next summer.

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