Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 126 Of My PCL Surgery/Recovery

I can do so much more now that my hamstring can be gently used!
Dagan The Doberman. See why I have to be so careful in my house? He's like a small pony!

I'm using my CPM Device three times a day for an hour at a time and it's really paying off. So far, I'm able to get all way the to 108 degrees towards the end of the hour long session. I started off barely getting to 90 degrees.
I am still icing my knee, especially at night. I'm practicing my heel strikes when I walk and trying to follow through the walk with pushing off at the toe. There is so much to remember when learning how to walk. During physical therapy I was asked to walk without my crutches and it's been so long that I walked stiff armed! I forgot how to naturally swing my arms while walking which just cracked me up! I had no idea I was doing that until pointed out. Well? It's been months! You're bound to forget some things!! Things are getting fun now!!

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