Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 120 Of My PCL Recovery

Dang it Mom! It's been 120 days since that surgery. Can we go play yet? Please???????? I'm sick of Dagan, he's not as much fun as you.

My new machine at physical therapy! That's a big step up for me!! Let me know when you want to take a turn. Hey, see that treamill next to it? I will be running on it. Mark my words! I will run again.

Well, looks like I've had a bit of a slip. I lost a few degrees in the range of motion department. No worries, that will come back. I'm learning how to walk without crutches. It feels "sloppy" almost like my ankle is having a hard time supporting my weight plus I have to remember to have a good heel strike and follow through all the way to the toes and roll off. Don't kid yourself, there is a lot of work to this walking stuff! They put me on a new machine. Today is day 120 and my range of motion is 114. The numbers are getting backwards again. Stay tuned for more PCL fun!


Linda said...

So how does this new machine work? Is it also passive, or are you in control of the movement and speed?

Skinnygurl said...

Here is a link to explain how it works. Feels pretty good. I am in control of the movement and speed. Pretty neat really. It has a step counter, shows how long you've been on it, if your legs get tired you can use the handle bars to help out. I'm on level 2 for 8 minutes but will be going up from there!

Anonymous said...

Two steps forward, one step back. Just remember, it's all still going forward.