Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 114 And The Dog Is Still Watching Me Very Closely

That's Dagan, one of my Dobermans. If I didn't know he cared for me, I would be scared! 117 pounds of flesh. HIM! Not me. lol If he's waiting on me to keel over so I can be a meal, he can forget it. I'm winning, I winning! It's just taking a long time.

Through this whole long thing, Dagan has never once left me other than to get food or potties. It's like his full time job but he takes zero days off. What a guy. What a guy. He gets a lot of extra pats, that's for sure. The other Doberman could care less. Every once in awhile she'll step on my foot to see if I squeal. The PCM machine is part of daily life now. Range of motion is getting better too!


MissChloeGolightly said...

Hello there from Canada :)
I love your blog, so so so helpful!
I'm getting ready for my PCL surgery in a few months. I have two questions: First, do you recommend working out/strengthening the quad and hamstring before the surgery to help with recovery?
Second, is your username "Skinnygurl" because you lost a lot of weight during recovery? Because it's too painful to eat? Or did you gain weight because of lack of exercise?

Skinnygurl said...

Greetings to my new Canadian Friend!

Yes, I think a strong quad and hamstring helped my recovery although being so athletic prior to my surgery is probably what helped me recover so nicely. My surgeon made comments about that very thing.
My name is skinnygurl because I'm a workout freak and have written a few blogs about diet and exercise.
So glad you're here. Please let me know how you're doing and if you have any questions.