Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 53 already

Oh wow! Check it out! If you let gravity do some of the work for you, it's not as painful and seems to get further. That's the limit today but it looks and feels like that's the best bend so far. Look at the picture I took just yesterday! See the difference? Big time!
I have zero strength in my leg and pretty sick of being a big girl about this whole mess. Sometimes I just want to sob but that won't help. I try, try, try so hard every single day. Nothing else I can do. I'll take whatever gain I can get and be grateful. Anyone else out there that has been through this? I sure would like to hear from you.


mickmack84 said...

I had my PCL surgery eight days ago. I've read your entire blog to help me through the process, as I do have many questions. To offer you some insight as to which "step" I'm on, I'm getting the stitches removed and am starting physical therapy tomorrow.
As of right now, I'm in a good amount of pain and am getting pretty annoyed with the brace/crutches already, and questioning whether or not I should have gotten the procedure done in the first place.
The most important question that I have for you right now is; are you walking yet and are you able to drive?

I understand and appreciate the fact that this recovery process is going to take a great deal of courage and resolve to feel better.


Skinnygurl said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for posting and welcome to my blog. I am so glad it's helping you.
I saw my doctor last Tuesday. He won't let me drive for another month which is going to put me at 80 days or more post op. I'm sick to death of not being able to bend my knee and the crutches too. It's a very long and painful recovery. I'm still in a lot of pain and like you wonder what the heck I did this for. We're passed the point of no return so hang on Mike, it's going to be a long ride.
I won't be able to work either. Maybe your doctor is different but mine takes the more conservative path.
You'll be on crutches for a long time. Get used to them! Plus, please remember this is a huge investment for your future. Not sure if you're the athletic type or why you had the surgery. Most doctors are not willing to do the operation. You're lucky to have found someone to do it.
I'm walking and my doctor said "weight bearing" as tolerated. I found out very soon what that meant. I'm not putting very much weight on my leg, at all. I hope to very soon though.
I still have medical transport to take me to all my sessions in PT. Oh and I wanted to mention to you. BEWARE. PT most likely won't have experience with you. Mine didn't. Make sure they understand the difference between your surgery and the more common and very different ACL surgery. That is the most important thing I can tell you about. It's very, very important for your recovery.
If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. I am glad to help you in any way I can.
Take care and be careful. Don't rush anything. Tell them when it hurts. You don't have to put up with the pain. It's awful and you can relieve some/most of that with medicine.