Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 50

Day 47 and that's about as far as I can bend it. The new brace isn't all that much fun but it's like anything new, I'll get used to it.
Cake anyone? Zipping around the stores and didn't even knock a display over!
Day 50 Scars look great and getting better!

I'll have to back up a little bit. Went to see my doctor yesterday because of acute pain. When you get the order "weight bearing as tolerated", you'll learn pretty quickly what you can and can not tolerate.

I had been stepping up on a small board but won't do that again for awhile. Pretty much sent me off the charts in the pain department. It's a fine line because when you step up or walk, you fire the hamstring and with a pcl surgery, you can't do that. Easy does it. Long, long, long recovery on a pcl repair. We really haven't talked about what he used to repair it. I had a cadaver ligament so when I'm back to running, I intend on contacting the donor family with a picture of me crossing a finish line of my first race. I can't say thank you enough to the gift I was given. Look to see if you're a donor. You could really change someones life.

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