Monday, May 19, 2008

Todays Doctor Visit

Day 33
Day 33 and really sick of this brace
Day 34 at PT, looks really good here!
Day 34 and got the news!!
Oh wow, I went to see my surgeon today and he lowered the bomb on me. Another month of crutches and absolutely no driving. The good news is I get measured for a new brace. One that isn't so heavy and big. I can't wait to see it!

No weight on my knee

No bending of the knee unless I'm in PT

Four weeks to get 120 degrees.

No hamstring strength training

Pretty much all the same stuff I've been doing except I'll be pushing to bend my knee further.

PT still hurts like crazy.

My knee looks better but I'm having pain deep inside close to the bone. Weird feeling but very normal.


Pulkit said...

Looks like ur doing really well. Keep up the spirits and good work. I was told today that i need PCL surgery as a result of a multi ligament(MCL,PCL and partial ACL) Ski injury.
Already had the MCL repaired along with an osteotomy.

i am gonna be following this blog as it is about the only thing on the internet thats keeping my hopes up of skiing again.

Can i ask where you got this done? i am looking for some more consults/opinions right now.

Thanks and good luck with the recovery.

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Pulkit,

I was lucky and found a surgeon willing to take this on. As you probably noticed, there just isn't much out there on PCL surgeries, that's one reason I put this out there. Not sure if I'm getting much traffic but just helping you makes it worth it to me. My doctor is here in the midwest. If you're willing to travel it might be worth your while. The recovery as you can see is very, very long and painful. As I write this I am at day #50. I saw my surgeon yesterday in an emergency visit caused by acute pain. Have to back up a bit in pt. I'll have another month of not working or driving. I hope you're able to take a lot of time off because you'll need it to recover. No worries though, from what I learned the pcl will be as good as new. Stay tuned and post a comment whenever you like.