Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 15

Watch out, here I come!!

Day 15 and spring is in the air. Found these flowers at the side of the house. They're called Blue Bells.

I'm still trapped by this huge leg brace and getting anxious to get out and about. I thought about dumping all the milk down the drain so I could at least ride along in the car to get some more. Didn't work though as we have our grocery shopping to do on saturday. I just hope there's one motorized scooter left so I can zip around the store and maybe knock down a display or two.

The physical therapy part is hard. My quad muscle is all but gone and my leg is getting smaller. We're still working on range of motion and my goal is to reach 90 degrees in the next three weeks. I got it to bend at 73 degrees this morning. The reps are high and sets of only three but by the time I get to 15 my leg is very tired. I'm shocked at how fast the muscle goes away.

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