Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome To My Blog

Just wanted to peak in and say hello. I'm now featuring others with their own story of PCL Surgery and Recovery. If you have a story, e-mail me.

A special thank you to my friend Suhaimi for featuring my story on his blog.
You can read it Here

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Neil said...


I'm 1 month post PCL surgery and was hoping for some inspiration from a success story.
I was expecting to have at least some mobility by now, but still have loads of swelling in the knee which seems to be the main cause of having no flex capability.
I'll see Dr. Richmond (surgeon) in 2 1/2 weeks, but until then I feel like I have something wrong so was seeking out your experience.

Are you able to recall you swelling levels and how quickly your flexibility in your knee returned. I'm currently bending at about 45%, but have been stuck there since starting PT at week 2 post surgery. Maybe one day it will just take off and he recovery will begin, but right now seems fixed, swollen and dead.

My surgery was an allograft of a cadaver achilles tendon for a completely torn PCL. They also found my ACL to be lax during surgery and fixed that as well. Lastly the cartilage (inside) was also damaged so some cleaning was done. Maybe all of this is contributing to the slowness of any flex. I don't mind being in some pain or usual weakness, but the locked sensation is most bothersome. Its also my right knee so any driving is not possible unless I use my wooden leg, luckily I can work remotely via computer.

I'd be very interested to hear how you or maybe other folks you've spoken to have recovered, ups and downs. Any thoughts would be welcome.

Thank you

Skinnygurl said...

Welcome Neil!!

Well, I would say you're right on target. Please check my one month post at May 19,2008. I was all excited thinking I would be moving forward. Nope, swollen and barely able to bend. Take it slow, slow, slow. This is your chance! Take all the time needed for this big, big, big recovery!
If you have time, go to the beginning of my blog and see what you're possibly in for. Not fun but Oh Wow! If I had to do it again, I would in an instant!
Molly will be here to help you too.
Come on everyone! Neil needs our help!!

Molly said...

Hi Neil:

Your progress is great! Nothing too slow about it. This is a long and difficult road you are on. Two steps forward, one step back. I wasn't weight-bearing until 7 weeks post-op, and my flexion came back slowly. I drove shortly after I began to weight-bear again. I have a log I wrote that describes my rehab and recovery week-by-week. I would be happy to send it to you. Just send me an email: molly dot hickman at comcast dot net. I have to tell you that my final result isn't good - my knee is disintegrating from an unusual immune system response. But that is a very rare complication.

Neil said...

Thanks for your feedback, I was wondering when I should call my doctor because of the lack of flex and swelling, but iut seems normal from your response. I will see him in 2 weeks and won't worry in the meantime. I think he set expectations (as far as driving) a little to high. Perhaps tomorrow at PT I'll get another degree or 2, progress is what I'm looking for not a miracle. Molly I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. As far as your recovery are you following another plan of action. Best of luck. For now, I'll keep icing and continue to be the rubber band man. Thanks all. Neil

Molly said...

Neil, I'm 2 1/2 years post-op, so I'm as recovered as I'm going to get. For now, I wear a brace whenever I do anything strenuous or when the ground is uneven or icy. I don't have any plans to attempt any additional surgical repair - I think I would reject the hardware used in a knee replacement. As for waiting to contact your surgeon - if you are concerned AT ALL about your progress, you should absolutely contact him ASAP. Swelling is your enemy right now.

hamlet said...

Hi Neil, welcome to the place where we all share and care. How's it going?

Dun worry Neil, u are currently are a very early stage.

I started my PT two months late from day one post surgery, but I put everything on every session and here I am.

It has been 1 year plus since the surgery and I am running again slowly.

Dun ever miss ur PT session, if u do it, do it with full hard. Aim for ur target, for example to runa gain within a year maybe.

Read Pamela journey from early so that u'll get the idea of which stage, what to do, what's coming and any preparation.

I wish u all the best. Keep in touch

Neil said...

Thanks Hamlet,
Glad to hear you are running. That is something I haven't done since 2006. Yes, at my PT twice a week and doing at home as well. Big news at our house is we now have a refrigerator, i.e. ICE. The old one broke and were waiting for the new one for weeks, now I can ice, ice and ice my knee. We were using an old college type so I wasn't icing as much as I should as it was small. Doing PT and meds, but lacking in the ice department. That will change. My PT said I was looking good and flexion was going to take time. Her focus now is on extension which has been improving, so that is good.
Molly, you've been through a lot so I can see why you would would to live some for the time being. Maybe technology will change and who knows you may change with it.
Thanks to all.

Speedy No. 9 said...

Hi Neil. Take you time to read through Skinnygurl's experience in this blog to have a feel of the progress you should expect. Discuss with your doctor about realistic targets and work hard to achieve them. Progress is always slow so take comfort in the little victories you accomplish along the way.
Range of movement in your knee will come back slowly, bear with the pain and keep working at it (this is definitely a case of no pain no gain in it's purest form:)). I have reached full range of movement in my knee but I also know a few others who haven't because they gave up due to the pain.
I wish you all the best and look forward to reading about your progress in the future.

Neil said...

Hi Speedy #9,
I think based on the 1st month I've going to have to pace myself and set expectations to be a little slower than my surgeon originally stated. He had me driving in a week or 2. THat said, I was pleased to make a small gain on flexion at this weekends PT. I'd been stuck at 45 degrees and happily moved to 55 degrees. Still along way to go, but maybe I can start to gas up the car this month:) I have been reading other blogs and it has been a very good source or information. It can get tiresome, but as long as progression is made, its all good. Luckily I can work from home, but that may soon get contentious if I stay out too long. Its not the best market to be out of work, so I want to keep my bosses happy. Doc appt in 1 1/2weeks so to your point will start to set some reachable goals. Goal #1 is a family cruise at the end of June...maybe I can play in the kiddy pool:)
Thanks to all, Neil

Fultonius said...


I tore my PCL and PLC in January 2010 and am going for surgery (PCL Allograft and PCL Autograft) tomorrow morning.

I'm a rock climber, and am going to document my rehab on this blog:



Molly said...


Best of luck with your surgery! Check back in after you get home; you may have a few questions for those of us who have gone through this. We are happy to help.


Neil said...

Hi Alasdair,
I hope your surgery went well and your recovery goes even better. Best of luck.

Fultonius said...

Wohooo :-)

I survived! Now 2 days post-op and things are looking good. Sweilling seems to be abating and it's not particularly sore - might stop the pain meds as I keep forgetting to take them anyway...

I'm going to try and keep the blog up to date for the first few weeks, then probably post a bit less regularly once I'm into a routine.



Skinnygurl said...

Good to hear. I love your positive attitude! Keep us posted on your progress!

Neil said...

Hello All,
I hope you are all doing and recovering well. I'm 65 days post surgery and I thought I would post in with an update on recovery. I'm still working from home as driving is still an issue, though I have done some around town short trips, I'm not able to handle stop and go on the SE expressway hear in Boston. My flexion is at 70 degrees as of 2 days ago and extension is close to my goal of minus 10. My right leg has twindled away, not much muscle anymore, just skin and bone. I wish I could make that happen to my stomach :) I still have a good bit of pain on the inner part of the knee where they scraped the joint, but I hope the Glucosamine Chondroitin is helping along with time. I am walking in the brace (currently set at 70 degrees) without too many problems, though I can only do one step at at time, but I am getting around pretty well. Though, with my leg being so skinny I find it diffficult to kkep the brace in place without the help of an ace bandage. The external scars are visible but healing I believe as normal. All in all, things are moving along albeit slowly, though I am sure my wife will be happy when I can drive and help a bit more around the house. She's taking care of 3 of us 3 boys; 4yo., 7 mos. and me. God Bless her. I think that's all for now, but wanted to track how I am doing and wish everyone else well.

Skinnygurl said...

Good to hear from you Neil!
Sounds like you're doing great. Love your positive attitude and sense of humor! You sure need that to get through this long recovery, eh? !! That and your wonderful wife!

If after a time, you might like to have your story featured on my blog, let me know and we'll get you posted! The more information we can get out to everyone, the better!

Thank you for posting and please continue to update!
Best of luck Neil.

Molly said...

I've been checking in daily to see the counter indicate 6000 US hits. Congratulations, Pam!

Skinnygurl said...

Me too Molly!
Thank you!!! :)

Lillipod said...

Hi guys

Although I've chatted to a few people who have torn their ACL, I've yet to speak to anyone who has torn their PCL and needed surgery.

My story is this - I felt something snap in my leg when I was skiing in March this year. My leg went floppy and caused me to fall (I think I hit an icy patch and turned badly but I really don't know). I was stretchered off the mountain and an MRI scan confirmed it to be an isolated PCL complete tear. My holiday was ruined and I was pretty much housebound for five weeks following my return to the UK.

I started with physio and hydrotherapy in April shortly before returning to work and almost (but not quite) have full movement in my knee five months down the line. I still have pain though (mainly on the inside of my knee) and swelling, and some days are better than others - some days I limp, some days I don't. I can sit cross-legged although not comfortably for very long and I can almost touch my bum with my heel whilst doing a hamstring curl - although I have to release it very slowly as it hurts to do so!! I had started to get a cracking/clicking in my knee when walking which I found really uncomfortable and I have no idea what this could be?

I'd started swimming (although sometimes this was uncomfortable but I'm just desperate to get fit again) and had even tried running both with and without the bulky brace. The running was hard though and I've sadly had to pull out of the half marathon I was due to run in a couple of months. Despite this, I thought I was doing ok but then a few weeks ago I stood up, my knee cracked and it completely gave way. It has been very delicate since and I feel like progress has stopped.

My consultant has tried to put me off surgery. I know what's involved and understand it's a tricky procedure and a lot less common than an ACL reconstruction. But because I ski, dance and run he said I'd be a good candidate and agreed to do it. My surgery was booked in for 27 October but has just been brought forward to two weeks time! I'm feeling very nervous about it all now and I just wanted to know that it's all going to be worth it really! If I don't have it how long until my knee will feel as normal as it can do? And will I end up with arthritis, scar tissue and other problems if I leave it? If I do have the procedure, how long will the rehabilitation be? When will I be able to drive (it's my right knee). I'm hoping that since I've been working hard at physio it won't be too bad. What do you think?

Would you absolutely recommend surgery?

It would be really good to have some feedback about it as I feel I've got no point of reference. There's also very little information on the internet.

Any advice you could possibly give me in the run up to my surgery would be gratefully received.


Skinnygurl said...

Lil, I'll get this on the front page today. Thanks for reminding me!