Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life Goes On

Thank you to my Entire Medical Team.
Thank you to my Donor and Family.

I am speaking April 13, 2010 to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation.
You're invited to attend.
Iowa Methodist Hospital
1200 Pleasant in The Hill Auditorium
Des Moines, Iowa
7:45AM and 3:45PM


Molly said...

Fantastic, Pam! You and your donor family deserve the recognition.

Skinnygurl said...

Molly, I so wish you could be here.
This is my way of saying Thank you.
Thank you Molly.
Thank you everyone for the support here on 'our' blog.
Thank you to my medical team.
Thank you to my donor family.

Molly, there were days I simply didn't think I could go on and you were there to help and support me. Things I didn't know like my IT Band and the long term pain, mounting the stairs, I can't begin to name them all. You put the information out there for all of us to understand.
And then! Then! You actually came to see me! That's the most wonderful thing that came out of this whole ordeal! I still can't believe it! Thank You! You're a great friend.
So look what we've done! This blog belongs to the world and you play a big part in it.
Words can not say enough.
:)Hey Everyone!!
Come on. It's time to post your story.
E-mail me and let's get you out there!!!