Friday, April 16, 2010

Speedy and His Story Of PCL Surgery and Recovery

Two Years Ago Today! It's been two years since my surgery. This blog now belongs to the world. It's my pleasure to introduce to you Speedy.

Walking gingerly on crutches while the two "spotters" look on in case I fall down

I spent a lot of time with this remote

At home 5 months after the surgery

(no contact happen during this game...the guys were kind enough never to tackle me)

Mount Kinabalu.....hope the knee will hold when the time comes

Here is his story..
My PCL incident happened during a rugby practice on 23rd Feb 2006. As a result of the injury I couldn’t run at all, and I normally needed to sit down even after a mere 20-minute walk. I tried physiotherapy for two years without much improvement to my condition. I finally had the PCL surgery on 25 Feb 2008 (at about the same time as the blog owner, Skinnygurl). I discovered during the surgery that my PCL was completely severed from the incident.

Post surgery recovery was agonizing especially the first two weeks when my leg was put on a cast. I underwent physiotherapy religiously at the hospital for about 9 months. Initially, I did a lot of resistance exercises using elastic bands, then slowly migrating to various other exercises to improve muscle strength and flexibility. I started to run again at about the 4-month point. At first I tried doing multiple short distances in various modes (forward, lateral, backward etc.) before gradually increasing the distance.

I have now regained full ROM in my knee. It’s still painful especially after an exercise, but I can now jog for up to 5 km at my own pace and complete a round of golf without too much of a problem. I am also actively involved in rugby coaching which requires me to be on my feet for at least 2 hours for each session. Glucosamine is a supplement I can’t live without now and ice pack is my best friend after an exercise.

My life has definitely changed after the PCL incident. However, I am glad I never gave up, both after the incident happened and especially after I had the surgery (believe me......there were many reasons to do so). The pain is something that I am accustomed to now, and I have to be content that there are many things that I can probably never be able to do again like playing in a full contact rugby match or sprinting after a ball in a soccer game. However, I can’t count my blessing enough for the progress I’ve accomplished now two years after the surgery.

My advice to you guys who are in your own battle towards PCL recovery; be realistic with your target and your chance of recovery, believe in yourself, work hard although the progress is slow and last but not least, have faith........we need a lot of that to keep us going forward.

I wish all the best to Molly, Hamlet, Chris and the rest of you PCL survivors out there. Thanks Skinnygurl for allowing me to share my experience in your blog.

It's My Pleasure To Share Your Story Speedy. I love forward to the day you climb Mount Kinabalu
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Molly said...

What a story! You nailed it - the proper mental attitude and willingness to put up with pain during recovery/rehab are what it takes (oh, and a very skilled medical team, too). Great story; thank you for sharing it. I look forward to hearing how you conquered that mountain.

Speedy No. 9 said...

Thanks Molly,
I know you are facing a much tougher battle yourself and I wish you the very best. Hope the next surgery will lead to better condition for you. Take care.