Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th, 2009 One Year 7 Months Post Op

Where am I? I have reached maximum medical improvement. Whatever I get now, is on my own. My skilled surgeon and rehab team have done everything possible to help me. Now it's my turn to shine and show case their work.
So what am I doing these days?
I'm pushing myself to reasonable limits within what I think I can do. Sometimes a bit out of the circle to get bigger gains. I can run like the wind, squat moderate to heavy weights, and feel confident walking into any gym. How's that??? I'm happy!!!!!!!!!

I had over 100 rehab sessions in addition to daily homework. Don't rush this process. Do what your rehab teams tells you to do! Oh and after, you have to keep working on your flexibility. I tried to skip for a week. Nooooooooooooo, every day. Keep stretching.


Anonymous said...

As usual, I find you to be a great inspiration. Congratulations on a successful recovery.

My new DonJoy brace is getting plenty of use, and I've manhandled my original Breg Fusion brace to make it fit my calf. So I have dueling braces. The Breg is much less bulky and fits under pants, but the DonJoy is so-o-o pretty what with the carbon-fiber components and all. My Orthovisc injections went well and I'm feeling some improvement in that my knee doesn't feel quite as inflamed. But the sucker is really loose. Lesson learned? Not all PCL reconstructions are successful. My seems to have failed, in spite of the best efforts of my medical team, my strict complaince with recommended rehab protocols, and positive early results.

Skinnygurl said...

If I know you, and I feel like I somewhat do know you, you're not a quitter and won't be throwing the towel in just yet. Thankfully you have more options and will be giving them a go. I sure wish you didn't have to, especially go through the painful part again but, you'll grit your teeth and get it done. I can't wait for you to tell me you can beat my ass in a race. Does that mean you'll be coming to Des Moines again? I Hope So!!!!!!!!
Hugs to you my friend.

backoffu said...

Molly - Sorry you knee loosened up. That really sucks. Hopefully other options will work out for ya. Good luck. Makes me want to slow it down at the gym with the leg exercises.

Skinnygurl - How do I send you email? Can't find a link w/ your email address.
300 Lbs on the leg slide is damn good. I did legs today. Skipped the squat rack and did another leg machine that has similar movement as doing a regular squat. Got to 230 @ 5 reps. Then onto leg press, hammies..etc.. I've been a gym rat myself.
I saw the pic's you had posted earlier today. Were they recent pics? Ya look good!


Skinnygurl said...

Those pics you saw on here,the other day were of me right before my fall. I'll get those gains. It might take longer but I'll get em.

I would be great trading pics with you. Thanks for asking!

Devienne said...

I'm glad you're doing well. I'm still waiting on surgery because of some issues with work and scheduling the time off. I've been exercising in the meantime with my brace. I am scared of surgery, but my knee can't stay this way...