Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Okay, Let's Run

Hey, been one year plus a little over 8 months since my surgery. I had No Idea it would be this big a deal. Do your rehab. Do everything you're told to do. It's totally worth the time invested. Where am I?? Running like a deer but still taking anti inflammatory meds. Whatever! It's worth it. Plus I'm pressing pretty heavy weights on leg day at the gym. Hoping to step it up soon. The gym rat says bring it.


Anonymous said...
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hamlet said...

Awwww, already running aren't u!
I went for another follow and guess what, different doctors with different diagnosis. This time it's meniscus but guess what, I don't really care anymore. Will focus more on my rehabs and my gym session.

Gonna come back next year! Gonna come back next year! Gonna come back next year!

Skinnygurl said...

That's Right, That's Right, That's Right Hamlet! 2010 is just a breath away. We'll both take it by storm. I'm With You. Keep Us Posted. You Will Run Again In 2010. I Just Know It.

Molly said...

CONGRATULATIONS on exceeding 4000 US views! This blog has helped many people, I am certain of it.

Skinnygurl said...

I'm very glad Molly! Thanks for your continued help and support!

Eric said...
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Speedy No. 9 said...

I just discovered your blog. Well done & keep it up. I did my PCL surgery on 25th Feb 08. Now I'm running again. I've done 5 miles max so far, and I can go out on the golf course again. Question, is your other knee affected due to overcompensation of your weight distribution (i.e. we tend to shift more body weight on the good knee due to pain on the knee that had the surgery)? I was warned by my doctor of this risk, and I'm feeling it now. Good luck with your recovery

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Speedy and Welcome To My Blog!!!

Wow, we're so close to having our surgeries in the same time frame. I'm April 08 and you're Feb 08! (I was injured Feb 15, 08)

I am wondering if our recoveries mirrored each other in time frame. Did you have the same struggles as I or did your recovery go faster/smoother. I was age 48 when I had surgery. You look like a young buck and probably healed quicker?

In answer to your question. Yes, I do tend to shift my weight to the opposite leg. While at the gym, I really focus and try to make them take the same work load but yeah, it's tough.

Are you running the road or treadmill?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment.

It's nice to meet you and I look forward to your reply.


Speedy No. 9 said...

Hi. I did my surgery in Malaysia, and judging from your postings, the facilities at the hospital I went to were not quite as extensive. It was a real struggle alright, but I think being a determined sportman did help a lot. Your can read further the synopsis of my journey to recovery at:

I did my physiotherapy regime religiously for the first 9 months. I started to run on the road, even played "touch" rugby after 5 months. I was 37 when I had the surgery. It's a life changing experience and I'm glad to discover somebody as determined as yourself in facing up to this challenging obstacle.

I have seen some patients who quit the recovery programme half way and eventually found themselves stuck with restricted leg movement and are constantly in pain.

I'll definitely keep track of your postings and we'll definitely talk again later. I wish you speedy recovery, and I guess it's not too late to wish everybody Happy New Year 2010.

Gym.Hodgson said...

Steady as she goes - gal!
Glad to see you're getting back to it... Have a look on Homemadegymstuff, there's some stretching/bodyrolling stuff that might help with your pre/post warm-up.

hamlet said...

Looks like I am not alone in Malaysia reading yang blog skinnygurl in fact sharing the same interest in rugby.

Salam bro Suhaimi.

Speedy No. 9 said...

How's your progress so far? Keep working to strengthen your leg muscles, it'll definitely help in the long run.
Are you active in the local rugby scene? I'm currently coaching the Navy Orca team, love it. Maybe I'll see you around.

Skinnygurl said...

No Kidding Hamlet!!
Way to go!!
I'm in the states. Gimme a holler if you ever get out this way. Midwest.

Feb 15th marks my two year anniversary for my knee injury!
Be looking for a post!

I can't hardly believe it's been two years already.

hamlet said...

Thank Skinnygurl. Reading ur story keep giving me hopes that one day I can get back in action.

I'll definitely let u know if every im close.

Bro Suhaimi,

I used to be one. Very active. Ever heard of Muar Musketeers? So, u r the coach of Orca team!
I played for UTP for 7 freaking years. Orca has always been our sparing opponents back in perak. How r ur progress going on? if possible, would be wonderful if u could share some of ur routines.

Skinnygurl said...


Orca Team Training, eh? Very Impressive! Can you send me a picture? I'll post it on my blog. You too Hamlet.
I've got a very special post coming for my two year anniversary. I would love to include anyone willing to post a picture.

hamlet said...

sure! would love to send u some. gimme ur email address please or send something to my box. helmi_2010[at]