Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 202 Of My PCL Surgery And Recovery

Well, last week things in rehab were changed up and I've been limping ever since. My brace is now being removed to do the exercises and for the days following, I'm in so much pain that I either limp through my day or just keep my knee iced and elevated. I tried to go on a short shopping trip a couple days ago and had to stop over ten times because I just couldn't go on. I am shocked at how bad it hurts.

I'll keep you all posted on how this new twist in my therapy goes. So far I hate it.

I'm getting close to my 7 month mark. This is no fun. At all.

I want to thank all of you for your support. I truly appreciate everyone that takes the time to drop me a line. No worries, I'm sure this bump in the road will pass. I guess I'm just so sick and tired of it aching and ready to get back to being normal.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are hurting. That has to be very uninspiring.

Have you talked to your OS about your pain level? If not, does your PT have any opinion s/he is willing to share with you? The reason I ask is that I am concerned that you are still in so much (increasing) pain. By 7 months post-op, I recorded my progress as follows (notice that I didn't mention any problems with pain). Plus, my indoor cycling classes were done without the brace.

Maybe it's time to ask someone else for an opinion. you have my email - contact me if you need to vent.


At the beginning of May, I began to ride my bike and take indoor cycling classes. My goal was to train for my annual birthday ride (this year – 52 miles) and the upcoming Cycle Oregon The Weekend. I have not registered for other group events, and am content to volunteer for area rides. I am afraid to ride in groups, concerned that I won’t be able to respond fast enough to avoid a fall or collision. So for now I ride alone.

In the month of May I took twelve Group RIDE classes, starting out on May 1st (5 weeks MUA post-op) by simply spinning without resistance for 55 minutes. By the end of the month, I was standing during each song and working at medium to medium high resistance (reaching 145 bpm at least once during each class). The weather was rainy, so I was only able to get out onto the road four times during May, for a total of 24 miles. I am nervous about riding on wet pavement, so I avoid it."

Skinnygurl said...

Thanks Molly,
I'll get ahold of you after my appointment.

Linda said...

Skinnygurl, I'm sorry to hear about your pain. Hopefully you are getting relief and insight into what triggered it. Hang in there!!!

Skinnygurl said...

The pain might have been the big change in my rehab and going without my brace. We're truly not sure. I have today and this weekend to walk without it and will go back to rehab to do exercises on Monday. Rehab seems to be what causes the flair ups.
I guess the only thing I can do is wait and see.
My surgeon is very happy with the PCL test and told me hadn't he known about my pain level, he wouldn't be able to tell the surgically corrected PCL from the other one.
I forgot to ask about hamstring exercises and will call his office today. I'm leary of jumping into making any big changes just because this whole thing has been such a huge struggle.
I asked my husband to run with me as my OS gave me clearance!! Hubby says I have to walk before I run so it's off to the mall this afternoon to try going around a few laps.
I am now guided by pain so if it doesn't hurt, I can do it. No standing for long periods is about the only thing I need to look out for.
I am so very glad this blog found you guys and I found you through it. Your comments and encouragement has helped me more than any of you will every know.
Let me know how things are going.
I'll let you know when I run again! Someone will be standing there with the camera, trust me!!! ha ha ha

sigurd said...

hei, had a pcl and posteolaterol reconstruction back in 17th sept 08.
I was on a full brace for 5 weeks. I am presently on 100 degree flexion and on partial wt bearing.
I sit on the static bike for 11 minutes x 3 daily. mini squats (30-50 degrees) x 3 daily and SLR. I find that if I stand for any length of time or more so if I place weight on my knee the swelling increses tremendously. Do any of you folks experience similar symptoms. My plan is to get back to work by March 09 ( I work as a paramedic) what do you reckon my chances are?
take care

Ernie said...

Sorry to here your pain has increased. Can't say that I am surprised that it happend with getting rid of the brace and beginning more intense Hammy strengthening. Hang in there and continue to be honest with the therapist. You will soon be realizing your goal of being able to run, maybe not very far, but at least running. Baby Steps, dear, Baby Steps

Take Care,

darren said...

Good job, You've come a long way. Keep up the hard and painful work to reach your goals

Skinnygurl said...

How are you feeling? March is right around the corner. Do you feel like you'll be able to carry a work load on your knee?
Don't forget,ice is your friend for a very long time!!!
I'm ten months out and still use it.

Skinnygurl said...
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