Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six Months Post Op Doctor Visit

Working hard to get my muscles back to where they were. This is a great exercise.
Six Month Post Op. We're still waiting for my orthovisc injection.
There is still room for improvement so I will continue going to rehab three times a week. I am looking forward to even more range of motion. There still isn't an end in sight and if you ask me, that's a good thing. I can still get better!


Peter said...

Hey! It's Peter from the gym this morning. I love the blog, and I can see how it would be a big inspiration to anyone in the same situation. Also, I've got to say you've got some really great dogs there. I've got a doberman too--a black and tan named Magic. They're awesome dogs!

See you around the gym soon, I hope, and good luck with the continued recovery!

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Peter!
Thanks for stopping and leaving such an awesome comment! I appreciate you taking the time to check this blog out!

Dobermans are awesome dogs! I adore them. Having two is really cool because they play so hard together and look like cougars when running. It's really amazing!

Give Magic a scratch benind the ears for me and I will look forward to seeing you at the gym again very soon!

One day I'll surprise you and be pounding out the miles again! Won't that be the day? Woo hoo!!
Your total and full recovery has given me hope Peter. Thank you!

Jadey 0:-) said...

6 months. Geez! You have been brilliant girlly doing all your exercises, staying on track nutrition wise.

You are an inspiration!

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Jadey!!
It's so nice to see you! Thanks for checking in with me.
Yes, six months under my belt now. Can't be too much longer before I'm back to my normal self, eh? I'm hoping for nine months to be running and lifting weights once again. Let's see, that would be the beginning of the year?
My injury happened Feb 15 so I'm really working hard to be 100% before my one year mark.
The year 2009 is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care Jadey and stop in more often!!

Anonymous said...


I just returned from my one-year PCL/MCL reconstruction post-op apointment and have the following good news to report:

My operative knee is only slightly more lax (1/2 grade) than my nonoperative knee.

My operative knee is only 5 degrees of flex different (less) than my nonoperative knee.

My OS is very pleased with my knee, as am I.

I'll be having the tibia screw removed within the next couple of weeks. Then, I'm done with this knee for a while.

I told my OS about your blog and he logged on while we were meeting. I assured him that it was a useful resource for PCL patients. After his initial "wow" when he saw the photos, he asked who your surgeon was (I didn't know so I couldn't tell him).

Skinnygurl said...

Thank you Molly, see note sent to inbox. Keep me posted

Congratulations in your progress and a hearty pat on the back for getting this out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah for you!

ashley_med said...

Hi!! I have been reading your blog for some time now and following your progress as I have the same injury. I tore my pcl 8 months ago and I am preparing for surgery in June. It has been eye opening reading your blog and seeing the long and difficult recovery period. I was just wondering if you have tips for me in preparation for the surgery? I was aslo curious how long did it take you after the surgery to get back to work, school, daily living activities? Thanks for your time, and good luck with the rest of your recovery,

Anonymous said...

I just returned from a quick outpatient procedure to remove my tibia screw. I can report that (at least immediately post-op) this procedure was a piece of cake! I brought the screw home with me and plan to make it into a necklace.

Can't get the incision wet for 5 days; stitches come out in 10 days. Then I'm all done - one month shy of two years post-injury (three days shy of one year post-PCL/MCL reconstruction).

Thank you, skinnygurl, for all the information and support you've given me during my rehab. This blog is great!

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Ashley,
You're in for a long ride, that's for sure. My best advice to you is get someone lined up to help you through this recovery. Molly got through it pretty much alone and will have tons of good advice for you too. Ask to read her journal. It's really fantastic. I'm sure she would be glad to share it with you.

Congratulations! That's fantastic news girl!!! I'm so happy for you. Stick around my blog. You've helped so much and want you to know how much I appreciate all you've done. Thank you!!

Send me a picture of your new necklace!!!

arae15 said...

Your blog has been very helpful! I tore my PCL partially in August 2006 and finally, after more than 2 years, I will be having surgery. Did you have a complete tear? How long was it before you could go back to work? In the weeks right after surgery, were you in constant pain? I have so many questions...

Skinnygurl said...

Hello Arae15 and welcome to my blog. Well because we all heal differently it's kind of hard to answer your questions. I was on crutches for five months and am on restrictions in the work place now. You'll probably get an ice machine to use after your surgery. It will help a lot with your pain. Yes, I had constant pain for a very long time afterwards. This is a hard recovery, that's for sure. Make sure you have someone you can depend on for help. You're going to need it. My tear was a partial.
How did you get hurt? Why did you wait so long to have this surgery?
I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted on your surgery. Many people read this blog and they'll be wanting to know how you're doing too.

Jarrett said...


I'm so glad that I found your blog today. I am a 22 year old basketball player that had a complete reconstruction of my PCL 10 months ago. I definitely understand the pain and journey you have been going through. I am still working hard to get back on the court.
I am definitely inspired by your blog to keep on pushing. I just have one question, what kind of brace are you wearing in the photos? and what purpose does it serve? Because I think a brace might be beneficial to myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jarrett:

Isn't it interesting how everyone's rehab protocols differ? Sometimes it's only a slight difference, but in this case it's a major one.

My OS prescribed a Breg Fusion brace and told me to wear it full-time when load-bearing for one year post-op. Indoors and out. I was fairly compliant with his instruction and just recently got the him to release me from use of the brace.

Have you played any b-ball yet? My sport is bicycling. At one year post-op, I'm back on the bike at a pre-injury level. But my sport doesn't involve cutting and twisting.

backoffu said...

Hey skinnygurl, this is Chris. Looks like your doing awesome. My surgery is in 3 weeks. They will reconstruct my ACL/PCL and MCL all at once, about an 8 hour procedure. Not looking foward to this, but it needs to be done.
Molly - Congrats girl! Thanks for your journal. You have good ideas I will use. Thank you.

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Chris! Good to hear from you again. Please keep us posted as you are able during your recovery. I'm really glad you let us know what's going on. I was wondering about you!!

Jarrett! Thank you for posting. You had your surgery just before me so you must be a bit ahead in the recovery dept. I will be updating later today with new info and pictures. It wasn't a very fun w/e and will type about it.

I wear a brace like Mollys. Ask your surgeon if he thinks a brace would help you. Let me know, ok?

Molly, have you talked with your surgeon about my blog? Thanks for pointing it out to him. (I'm still waiting for my orthovisc shot to be authorized.)

Good luck to everyone and thanks.