Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 167 Of My PCL Surgery And Recovery

Kind of shaky here and had to back up a little bit. Careful now, don't let that knee go over the foot. It's pretty close there.
Trusty Dagan is still right there at my side every step of the way. What a good dog.

Well today sure brought back some memories. It was almost embarrassing in physical therapy when I was handed 2 pound weights and asked to do wall squats. Before my accident I was holding 40 to 50 pounds and doing skier squats with a burn out of 25 reps at the end. Walking lunges used to be 30 paces holding 60 pounds. Now I can barely do a lunge while holding onto a rail! No worries though. I plan on working very hard and getting back to where I was before this happened. I think running is a long way off but I'll get there. I promise.

I see my OS in two weeks. I hope to surprise him with leaps and bounds! OK, how bout just leaps? My range of motion settled in at about 125 to 130. I have yet to see anything more but I will work hard to get it. More than anything I want to make my surgeon proud and glad he chose me for this special surgery. It's not exactly a cake walk but he believed I could do it and for that I am working hard to make this whole thing a success. The CPM device is still a big part of my life. I am on restrictions for sedentary work only. Last but not least I am stil icing like crazy.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe how far you've come? I feel the same way about my surgeon - I'm motivated to rehab in order to be one of his success stories. I bet you get more flexion as you continue to heal. I think it comes more readily when the fear of reinjury lessens - you simply don't worry about bending into the pain as much. What's stopping your knee? Is it the muscle above the kneecap, or the IT band, or higher up the quad?

Skinnygurl said...

Hey Molly!
Noooooooo, I can't believe it. I am thrilled to be where I am today and looking forward to even more progress.
I'm not sure what's stopping my knee. Currently in rehab we're focusing more on strength training than bending. My CPM only goes up to 125 so that's as far as I can go while doing that. I still us it though to keep my knee loose. Three sessions a day/1 hour long and I feel like it helps a lot.

Thanks so much Molly! Can you believe how many people have found this blog in such a short time? I am thrilled!!