Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 160 Of My PCL Surgery And Recovery

Warm up - stationary bike for 8 minutes/level 3

I'm working very hard at strengthening my muscles and practicing those stairs! My ROM seems to be about the same although I will post the numbers at next measurement. My ankles still seem to be weak so I am exercising them too. I'm still using my CPM machine three hours a day along with my tens unit. Work, work, work! Seems the worst is behind me now. I am continuing to ice day and night. No relief from the aching yet.

Today is the first day of Fall. It's official, my entire summer was spent in kneeville. Next year is definitely mine. I get pretty excited when I realize how close I am to recovery. Running can't be too far away. I wonder how you figure out how far you can push yourself. That part seems like it might be tricky. I sure wouldn't want to go through this again!

Anyone needing to get this surgery done please plan carefully. It's no picnic. You'll need a lot of help to get through it. I never would have done as well as I have without my husband to help me. Lucky for me I didn't drive him insane.

Drop me a line, let me know how you are. Thanks for all the support.


Anonymous said...

You look great! I found it really helpful to spend a lot of time on the stationary bike at this point. If you're interested, see if your PT will let you take an indoor cycling class 2-3 times a week. If you push back on the seat and ramp up the resistance, you can really engage your glutes and hammies. This helps make the muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness comes back fast - and it's not load-bearing, so you don't risk tweaking your knee. I did it unbraced, but you could do it with the brace on. It hurt so good!

Skinnygurl said...

Thanks Molly! I'll let you know what they think of this idea at my point in recovery.
I'm very proud of you Molly! You're doing great!!!