Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 85 Of My PCL Recovery

Day 82, I'm using my brace but took it off for the picture.
day 83 using 3 pound weight. I think I see a muscle on my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See?? Look real hard, I know it's there.

I never would have guessed in a gazillion years that I would still be walking on crutches and in so much pain. I'm still using my Kinex ice machine at night and ice packs through the day. My quad is so small that now my knee cap is tracking wrong. The Knee flat out won't bend. It gets to 98 degrees or so and the pain shoots me right off the table. We're working very hard in pt. Once the hamstring heals, if my knee still isn't bending plan B is to put me to sleep and force it followed by daily physical therapy sessions. Stay tuned.


momofsprinter said...

absolutely - I can see that muscle working.
My son is now 5 weeks post PCL reconstruction and he had the closed manipulation you mention under general anesthetic a few weeks ago. Our experience is that this procedure can really help. He went from 87 degrees of flexion to 110 degrees of flexion. Best of luck to you.

Skinnygurl said...

WOW!!!! Your post really lifted my spirits! I am so glad you took the time to drop me a note. Thank you and good luck to your son. By the sounds of it, he'll be sprinting again in no time at all. Yippie!!!!!!!!!
Wow! 110 degrees. That is so cool!

tennis4f said...

I just had PCL surgey on
March 10,2010. It's only been 35 days and I am hoping to start physical therapy next week though I am not looking forward to the pain of breaking up the scar tissue.

Skinnygurl said...


Welcome. I wish you the best of luck and success. As you know, this is a hard recovery but do as your medical team advices. Don't rush it and ice, ice, ice!
Feel free to send your story and pics. I would be glad to share your story on my blog.
Good luck to you!
We're all here to help you so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

tennis4f said...

Hi Skinnygurl,

Thank you for the support. I started physical therapy and now at day 53. I was able to get to 70 degrees of flexion after my 3rd session but I still cannot walk without an extreme limp. It seem that when I try to walk, my knee gets stiff when I step off as it trails behind me. I am sure several have experienced this. I am trying to stay positive and leaning towards trying to get more ultrasound and electrical stimulation since I have alot of scar tissue. Can you recall how long it took before you could walk without a limp ? Thanks for being here for me. It is good to have a place where I can share and ask questions.


Skinnygurl said...

I was on crutches for a long, long, long time! Then I went to using one crutch. Oh man, it was a long time.
Then I had to learn how to walk naturally use my toe to push off the foot. It was all very strange after walking with crutches for so very long.
I encourage you to read my blog where you think you are currently and see if it parallels at all.
We can do a shout out to Molly too. She can offer some words, I'm sure.
How are you doing now?