Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Here we are at day 42

I've been assigned physical therapy for one month to help me with my gate and straightening.
The bending is worked on daily as well.  Yesterday the doctor  pushed me to 125!


Molly said...

125! Congrats!

Skinnygurl said...

Thanks Molly!!

Molly said...

Hi SG:

These may help with the swelling.

I wore one for a LONGGGGG time after my knee surgery. It will help keep the blood/lymph from pooling.

Love you,

Skinnygurl said...

Oh Molly!

I remember those and I think I still have one!! I've been known to be a little stingy but those are worth the money! Thank you for the reminder.

Love you my friend,
Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember how they felt in the heat of the summer. I'm so glad it's not August right now! teeheehee, man I hope I didn't get rid of those!!

Alex said...
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michelle said...

Hey Pam your knee looks like it's really improving. Good compression sleeve advice from Molly was really good I love love my compression sleeve. It was funny I was all about compression for Christmas I gave compression socks anybody I knew with a knee issue a compression sleeve I know they thought I was weird but they ended up loving it haha. So I'm checking back in after a while. As you might remember I was going the conservative route with my ruptured ACL PCL MCL. Had my last appointment the end of March with my surgeon and I am very happy to report I have a lot of stability. I was not happy with him through the course of the conservative treatment but now I'm glad I followed that route. He thinks the end of my PCL and ACL may have fused inside the knee cavity that would explain the degree of stability I have gotten in my knee. I am able to do almost anything he has cleared me for water skiing this year with a PCL brace. I have little to no pain little to no swelling although I do still rub my knee with a magnesium and coconut oil that I made. I have both you and Molly to thank and she both agreed holding off on surgery with the best way to go. I really wanted him to just get in there and fix it and be done with it and you both made me realize I could keep that option open if I did not have the surgery thank you thank you thank you. I played so many head games with myself for six months during the healing process. Mitch if you read this the head game is sometimes worse than the physical game. Hang in there we can do hard things. I will check back from time to time all of you take care

Skinnygurl said...

Gosh Michelle! Thank you very much and I'm so very happy you're doing well. What a great update!!
Please do check in and if you want to be featured with your updated story, it will be my pleasure to do that for you.
Keep having fun Michelle!