Saturday, March 10, 2018

24 Days Post Op

Not much change in the size of my knee.  It's constantly stiff and the bends are difficult.
In just four days I need to be at 110 degrees.  I think I'm close.  Everyone knows how bad it hurts to force it to bend.  No different with a knee replacement.
For the most part I am using a walker.  I've found after pushing down on my knee to straighten it, my knee wants to buckle afterwards when I'm walking.  I can't risk that so the walker is always used.
If anyone has any tips on straightening I sure would like to hear them.  Mine isn't bad although it does take 3 rounds of pushing down to get it to about 2 degrees.  They say the straightening comes later and the bending is more important now.  I don't see any reason not to focus on both early on.


Molly said...

That swelling is probably not helping your movement at all! What are you doing to bring it down? Yikes, Pam, that's a big surgery!

Skinnygurl said...

I'm doing all the things we know Molly. Ice, Ice, Ice, rest elevate. Time is the hardest to get through.
I'm counting on the payoff to be bigger than the recovery with many years of forgetting I even had a replacement. Cross your fingers!