Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Well, Here I Am Again.

Hi Readers!  Skinnygurl here.
On Valentines Day I had a complete knee replacement done on my left knee.  The pcl knee (right) is next and we'll talk about that later.
I'm home now and at day 14 doing rehab on my own.  My doctor appointment showed me at almost a 90 degree bend which is slightly under what the goal was.
I have another two weeks to get to 115 and be rechecked.  Then of course another goal 135? and another recheck.
The story is back in 1977 I had a bad horse accident and tore my ACL.  I was told I would be needing a knee replacement in about 40 years (it's almost exact) which of course I scoffed at.  Well, here I am!


michelle said...

Oh my goodness. Best of luck for your recovery. You look happy in your picture. I know it is a hard journey. Take care

Skinnygurl said...

Hi Michelle! Good to see you.
Thanks, I knew this was coming and quickly being reminded how hard the rehabbing is for a knee. Lock and Load - Here We Go!

Molly said...

Wow! I am looking forward to tracking your progress. Best wishes for a quick recovery and successful rehab!

Skinnygurl said...

Thanks Molly,

You're part of my rehab. I'm doing everything at home and the final part of the session is 15 hard bends. I split them up into five bends for three times. I give myself a reward for completing each set.
The first five I get to fetch my Las Vegas Mug and put a peppermint tea bag inside.
The second set I get to add hot water to the mug
The third set I get to enjoy the wonderful hot tea and dry my tears.
I get to do this 3 times a day!
Thanks my friend, we're in this together <3