Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jeanette's Journey

On November 5th 2011, I hyper-extended and dislocated my knee. After the results of the MRI came back I found out I ruptured my ACL and PCL and my MCL was hanging on by a thread.. It was no wonder I felt like my lower leg was not connected to my upper leg.. anyway I had to wait 12 weeks before my surgery because I had so much blood in my knee area and all the muscle behind my knee was torn and they wanted to see how well my MCL would heal on its own.. So Physical Therapy started November 30th 2011 for range of motion.. It was amazing, I got full range back before my surgery on January 27 2012.

On January 27, 2012 I went in for surgery, They replaced my ACL, PCL with cadaver parts and tightening my MCL with a screw.. It was a 4 and a half hour surgery with 2 surgeons and they ended up doing a double bundle for my ACL so that was a lot more extensive..
On Jan 28 the first day post op I was not sure I was going to make it. I have never been in that much pain, I was sick to my stomach, the pain pills every 4 hours were just taking the edge off for a little while.. Sunday Jan 29th was a little bit better but not much, I was thinking there was no way I was going to make it out to the car on Monday to get to the Dr’s, But Monday came and I was a little better and I did make it to the DR’s.. Wednesday Feb 1, 2012 I went to Physical Therapy to start Range of motion again.. Thank goodness for the pain pills J.. PT will be twice a week again for just range of Motion. I started Back to work on Thursday Feb 2, 2012 for a half day then back full time on Monday Feb 6th.. Sitting at my Desk all day was a chore but I would put my leg up on a chair, then my desk, then down on the floor, I basically move it constantly J Feb 20th Dr says weight baring as tolerated. That was my OK to get rid of the crutches I had been using since injury date of 11/5/11. By March 2nd I was down to one crutch and by March 9th I was not using my Crutch much at all anymore and I was able to get the peddles around on the stationary bike J Huge Milestone for me. .. On March 13th Dr gave me the ok to start some weight and aerobic exercises with restrictions ( NO Open Chain and NO Plyo) .. I was also given a smaller brace which is nice.
Today is March 21, 2012 I have no crutches, I ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes every other day I am at Zero degrees with my extension but do not have Lockout yet L I am very upset about that.. , and I am at 125 degrees in my flexion. My Knee still is really sore and swells up a lot and gets very stiff but it is getting better every day..

Thanks for sharing your story Jeanette. Keep us posted on your progress.
So I had a Dr’s appointment today 88 days since my surgery.. I have gotten to 132 degrees in my flexion and no lag in my strait leg quad sets at Zero extension.. Dr say I can start back to my workouts at the gym just no Plyo and no agility. And the best part is that I can start weaning myself off my brace J On the road to a full recovery.   J

UPDATE....................................  May 21,12
16 weeks post op.. 135 degrees in my flexion and went on my first 3.5 mile hike yesterday J It was so nice to be out in nature again.. its been a long time but I am really felling I am going to make a full recovery after all the damage that I did to my knee.. I still am not allowed to do any agility or plyo but just getting out and hiking is a great improvement from the stationary bike in my office.  J

UPDATE................................September 6, 12
7 months post OP, Went on a 10 mile hike on Monday, Knee was a pretty sore for the next 2 days but that was it. I have been doing some agility work for about a month and have jogged a little.. Things are slowly getting back to normal Still NO Horseback riding which I am really upset about but that will come Also.   J

UPDATE............................October 29,2012
9 Months post Op update , Still in pain most of the time, Knee is very stiff but working on strength every day.. My agility work is not coming a quickly as I was hopping because of the pain but its getting there.. The Dr released me to do anything I feel comfortable with so Horseback riding here I came.. Went on a 10 mile hike yesterday.. Still use my brace when I know I am going to be on rocky, slippery ground but other than that I am brace free.   J


KJ said...

Jeanette, I wish you the best on your recovery! That's some serious work you had done and it sounds like you're making fantastic progress. Good luck on the lockout!

Molly said...

Wow! What a great story you tell. Keep up the good work, and take it only as fast as your body tells you to. I think that much range of motion at this point is really good.

KJ said...

I just read all your updates. Your progress is amazing!

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