Monday, February 21, 2011

Here Is A Thank You Note From Stanislav Of Russia

Hi, Skinnygurl!
My name is Stanislav, I am from Russia. A year ago I had a severe knee injury while skiing. PCL, MCL and miniscus were completely torn. So, as a result, I had a complex knee surgery in Germany and spent two months in a rehab center.
Naturally, during all this time I'd always tried to search the internet to check how I was doing and what were the prospects. And the best source of information I could find was your blog. Thank you very much for very important and incouraging information!!! Every time I wasn't happy with progress, I checked your situation for the same time ex surgery and usually I felt much better after that, as my recovery went even quicker than yours :)
Now, a year after surgery, my injured leg still looks smaller and I still have some feeling in the knee when walking, but I can easily run a mile or walk 10 miles. So, I believe it's ok.
This week, a year after surgery, I spent several days in mountains skiing again. As it turned out, it was easier for the knee to ski than to walk. I could ski the whole day with minimal sensations in the knee.
Thank you very much again for your blog. Great job.

How wonderful Stanislav, I thank you so very much and glad you found this blog to be helpful. Congratulations on your progress.


Molly said...

Best wishes for an ongoing successful full recovery!

KJ said...

Today I am 2 years post-op! I finally ran a full, non-stop mile outside this week. It's been a long time coming but I hope to make steady progress as the weather warms up so 5Ks are a breeze (I'm so over treadmills & elipticals!).

Next week I have my final ortho appointment. I believe I'm getting 1 last stress test to see if my graph has stretched at all. I'm not bothering with the strength test...I know I'm still weak :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Skinnygurl said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary to you KJ! Please keep us posted on your progress. Good job getting out there and grabbing some road! That's awesome! You'll get stronger, keep after it!

As everyone knows by now, this is a very long but worth it process!