Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Months Post Op Of My PCL Surgery And Recovery

After seeing my surgeon just a couple days ago I have news to share. I've reached maximum medical improvement which means my knee won't get much better than it is right now. The PCL is strong and the surgery was a success. I have 140 degrees flexion which is excellent although I am hoping to gain more as time goes on.
I'm not running just yet and hope to get past this nagging pain soon. It still aches and stings around the knee cap. I continue to do strength training at home but still struggle with going down the stairs. It's not that I can't do it, it just pulls like crazy over the top of my knee cap.
I'll be required to wear my brace if I'm engaged in any pivoting sports for the next two months.
It's been a year since the injury. Nothing about a PCL injury or repair is easy. If you're faced with this, read my blog and prepare yourself. It's hard but you can do it.
Thanks to everyone that helped me through this journey. Please continue to leave comments and encourage one another. I will leave this blog up and continue to update.


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to many of us. Thank you for your helpful and supportive blog.

hamlet said...

wow, congratulation for able to make it!
As for me here, it's already 3 months post surgery and I am only in my 6th therapy.

I've been able to reach more than 90 but not more then 100.
I can already climb stairs without any pain but like you, i hav problem going down the stairs. the therapist said it's because the muscles are not strong yet.

so gud luck to the both of us!

Skinnygurl said...

Hey Molly! Nice to see you! Keep checking in, your advice is awesome and much appreciated!

Hang in there, your quad strength will come in time. You're doing a fantastic job!! I'm really glad to see how far you've come in such a short time!! Keep us posted!!

backoffu said...

Hi everyone,

I'm just about 3 months (10 weeks) post op also. Got back from PT today..I'm just shy of 100. I'm climbing up stairs, but w/ some minor pain. Going down is another issue. Working w/ Therabands and different exercises to strengthen the leg. In six weeks I'll have another surgery to fix torn meniscus in the other knee.
Congrats and good luck to all of us who go thru this!

Skinnygurl/Molly - Thanks for this blog and your advice. It has helped me prepare for before/after the surgery. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


You're going to have the other knee out of commission at the same time? You must be a glutton for punishment:-)

Congrats on the progress of your recovery and rehab. Stairs are the most difficult. My PT had me working on very shallow steps - starting at 3". At home I used a thick book. I found that my desire to recover quickly was outweighed by my physical inability to do so - it just took time - and when I overdid it, the process was set back. Take it slow and easy, and keep icing.

Autumn said...
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Autumn said...

I had my PCL reconstructed using an allograft on 12/12/08 and I am still having a stinging pain underneath the kneecap when I try to do leg lifts. Did you experience this too? Is this normal? Thanks for the info!!! :)

Skinnygurl said...

I'm finding that everyone is different. Keep everything in moderation. Your knee will come back slowly. Better to go slow. I know it's hard but hang in there.

(After 15 months post injury and 13 months post surgery I ran two miles today! I'm back! I'm back!)